Grace Church School

Policy Information and Forms

GCS entrance

Late pickup

If you or a caregiver believe you will be late for your child’s pickup, please email (admin@ or call the School at (718) 624-4030 as soon as possible and leave word for your child’s teacher. For the children’s sake, we hope that every effort is made to be on time. If there is a change in your child’s regular pickup person, please write a note in the Going Home Notebook in each classroom or call the School. We cannot allow a child to leave with a substitute caregiver unless we are informed in the classroom notebook—or in an emergency, by phone. Departure times are as follows:


Please notify the School via email at (admin@ if your child is sick, so that other parents can be informed of possible contagion. A child with a heavy cold or even a mild upset stomach cannot function well in a group and may infect classmates and teachers. A child should stay home until he or she:

If your child has had an injury (sprain, fracture, break, etc.), surgery, or prolonged illness, your pediatrician must send the school written permission to resume attendance. This note must include any physical restrictions to be followed when the child is at school.


We follow the lead of the public schools unless otherwise stipulated. If they close, we will close. We will call or email parents by 7 am if there are unforeseen changes to the school calendar because of other severe weather. We will also put a message on the School answering machine and post a notice on this website.

Emergency evacuation

If an emergency requires us to evacuate the School, we will notify parents of the situation by email and put a message on the School answering machine, as well as on this website.