Grace Church School

About Grace Church School

Grace Church School serves toddlers and preschoolers aged 15 months to 5 years. The courtyard welcomes children to the School and to Grace Church Brooklyn Heights, a historic landmark in the community.

Grace Church School is the oldest preschool in Brooklyn. Twelve parish mothers who believed that children from different families could learn from one another in a playful and nurturing environment founded the school in 1928. Today Grace Church School has about 130 children participating in an early education pre-school program noted for its emphasis on the whole child. In addition, we offer a non-separation Together Time program for children who are not yet old enough for preschool.

Grace Church School is a non-sectarian school that actively encourages a diverse educational community. We welcome children from all faiths, races, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and family structures.

The School has seven classrooms, a library, two sunny rooftop playgrounds, a gymnasium, a kitchen, room for music and creative movement classes, and a private garden.


The educational philosophy of Grace Church School is rooted in providing children with experiences that enable them to question, to explore, to create, and to grow. Within a nurturing environment, children develop social, emotional, and intellectual skills through active engagement and hands-on experiences.

We understand the important role we play as your child’s world expands from the safety of home to the school community. We support a child’s entry into preschool with a gentle phase-in and separation process. We believe that a child’s first school experience sets the stage for a love of learning.

We are committed to dedicating resources to help strengthen an inclusive and diverse community.

Parents and Grace Church School

Grace Church School is a community of family of parents, children, and staff. We place great importance on developing trust, not only between children and their teachers, but as importantly, between parents and teachers. We welcome parents to participate in the life of the school. In every classroom, parents form a lovely continuum between school and home. Parents can come to school to share a favorite family recipe or family tradition, read a book, or demonstrate particular skills. At the same time, we are sensitive to the realities of working families and we provide various ways to be involved with the school community outside of school hours.

Parent volunteers form an integral part of the successful running of the school. They organize a festive winter book & toy fair with a caregiver coffee and pajama party in December, a bake sale table at the Grace Church fair in February, a family carnival or gala dinner and auction in April, and a staff appreciation day in May.  The Grace Church School Advisory Board, composed of current and former parents, representatives of Grace Church, and members of the community, works with the School Director to advise her on the operational and financial aspects of the school. The Advisory Board also plays a vital role in fundraising and in managing specific projects, such as the construction of a library for the school a few years ago and the recent expansion of a classroom.

Friendships made at Grace Church School, both between children and between parents, often last many years beyond your child’s first school experience.

After Grace Church School

The Director and Assistant Director work closely with families as they prepare to move on to public or independent school Kindergarten programs. The process begins with a general information meeting in the spring of the Threes year and continues with individual discussions with each family in the fall. The Director reads and signs each child’s report, written by experienced head teachers based on classroom observations, before sending to ongoing schools.

Grace Church School provides an excellent foundation for a child’s education after preschool. In the last three years, Grace Church students have been accepted to a wide variety of schools, both public and independent, including:

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