Grace Church School

Director’s Letter

Read a letter about Grace Church School’s new incoming director, Amy Morgano.

GCS director Hope ProskyIt is with pleasure that I welcome potential families to the website of Grace Church School.

We are a community of staff, parents, and children—a large family dedicated to the premise that the early childhood years are the key to building a life-long foundation where a love of learning and school are of the utmost importance.

We believe that young children thrive when treated with love, respect, and consistency, and when they are exposed to a robust, age-appropriate curriculum.

drawing of Grace Church School

We encourage our parents to be a part of their children’s lives at Grace Church School through involvement in many events, from potluck suppers and monthly coffee hours to parent teacher conferences. We believe that frequent communication with parents facilitates a greater understanding of the whole child.

By the time our children move on to new schools, we have watched them grow confident and curious about the world. They are ready to leave their first school equipped with a passion for learning and books, respect for the democracy of group dynamics in the classroom, and love for their teachers and friends. We hope that our students will always have the courage to stand up for values they believe are right.

We cherish each child’s unique personality, and believe that every child has a gift to give the world of school and beyond.

Please enjoy your visit to our website. I look forward to meeting you in person during our tours.


Hope N. Prosky

Grace Church School Director